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Comments and Contributions

Comments from users

Comments from users are important for the development of the Toolkit. We welcome them.
Please send your comments by email to

You may wish to comment on:

We like praise, of course, but criticism is particularly valuable. Try to make it specific, so that we know which things need review. If you have constructive suggestions for change, so much the better - though we don't promise to follow them (rejecting even good ideas is important in good design). Let us know whether we can put your comments on the website, with or without your name.

You don't need to tell us that the Toolkit is far from complete! We, with input from users and tool-makers, will continue to work on it.


Offerings of contributions to the Toolkit from users are welcome, whether they describe challenges, strategies or tools they have found useful.

If you have had success in tackling a challenge to your reform program that can be described in enough detail for others to use, consider offering a contribution to the Toolkit.
Send an outline by email to

If your suggestion seems promising, we will send you Building the Toolkit, a guide to contributors and a template that will help you structure your contribution.

If your contribution is included in the Toolkit, you will credited under Design and development (unless you request otherwise)