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Note: This is a static, archived copy of the website for a project that finished in 2007. Much of the material here is still useful and worth preserving, but obviously some of it is now out-of-date, particularly in relation to current standards and curricula. Some features may not work correctly and there will be some broken links, invalid email addresses. For more recent work by members of the Toolkit team see The Mathematics Improvement Network and The Math Assessment Project.

Editorial Policy

The Toolkit Team is alone responsible for the views expressed in this Toolkit for Change Agents.

As with any guide, you will be best able to form a view as to how helpful it is for you by working with the suggestions here.

The Toolkit Directorate - Sandra Wilcox, Mary Bouck, Hugh Burkhardt, Phil Daro, Daniel Pead, Alan Schoenfeld and Mark St John - is responsible for the project.

Editorial responsibilities include:

Principal Investigator: Sandra Wilcox, Michigan State
Architect and Editor: Hugh Burkhardt, Nottingham and Michigan State
Web and Database Designer: Daniel Pead, Nottingham
Website Editor: Elizabeth Jones, Michigan State

Editors for:

Policy tools: Mary Bouck, Michigan State and Phil Daro, Berkeley
Professional Development tools: Sandra Wilcox, Michigan State
Classroom tools: Malcolm Swan, Nottingham
Challenges and Strategies: Hugh Burkhardt, Nottingham
Evaluative research evidence: Alan Schoenfeld, Berkeley
Toolkit evaluation: Mark St John, Inverness Research Associates

Errors and corrections

The Toolkit Team would like to apologize in advance for any errors.

This site is now archived and will not be updated further. If any material here is actively causing a problem, please contact us via http://mathnic.org/contact.html.

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