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Frequently Asked Questions

None of the Challenges and Barriers quite fit my problem.
How can I proceed to use the Toolkit?

You might begin by looking at the list of Implementation Tools. Which of the tools listed sound like they might be useful in your situation? Once you have selected an Implementation Tool, look for the Strategic Applications heading for suggested ways of using it.

I'd like to tell you about some Tools that I think should be on your list.
How can I do that?

Send your suggestion, along with a brief description of how you have used this Strategic or Implementation Tool, and a contact number, to

When I click on a link and go to an external site, I can't always find the information I seek. Why can't you just link to the specific information?

Many websites are frequently changing and moving pages to different locations. For this reason, we provide the main web address along with enough detail for you to search the site and locate specific references.

The Toolkit does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites. Links to external sites will open in a new window with most browsers.

Are there any copyright or use issues with the information within the Toolkit?

All of the extended download documents may be reproduced and distributed in their entirety "with permission of the Toolkit Team -". However, unless otherwise stated, images and exemplar materials contained in these documents may have been included with the permission of third parties and should not be reproduced or distributed separately.

Do the Acrobat PDF files contain the same information that's on the webpage for a given Strategic or Implementation Tool?

The download files contain all the information on the webpage plus further elaboration.

What do all the icons used in the site mean?

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