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Tool New Standards Reference Examination: Mathematics


These reference exams include extended constructed-response and short-answer items measuring conceptual understanding, mathematical skills and tools, and problem solving.

The test items are referenced to eight standards:
  • arithmetic and numbers,
  • geometry and measurement,
  • functions and algebra,
  • statistics and probability,
  • problem solving and mathematical reasoning,
  • mathematical skills and tools,
  • mathematical communication, and
  • putting mathematics to work.

Many tasks are derived from real-life situations in order for students to see connections between the skills they are learning and the world outside school. The tests are designed to be administered over three class periods. Multiple forms are available, scoring is available from the publisher, and exams are available in Spanish.
The tests, currently for Grades 4, 8 and 10, are aligned with the broad range of performance that national and international standards require.

New Standards Release Tasks are available from the publisher and are an economical way to introduce the New Standards tasks and scoring rubrics into the classroom. The math release tasks include black-line masters to reproduce individual tasks, as well as examples of student responses to those tasks that illustrate "how good is good enough." A variety of scoring and reporting options is available.

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