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Strategy Disarm Math Warriors


Assemble a broad public and professional consensus behind a statement such as the Tool Math Wars Peace Treaty. This will help staff and others stick to a winning message that disarms hawks from either extreme by taking away issues that arouse the public and the pragmatic observers within the system. Changes can scare people. There will usually be much to agree on � for example, that the status quo must change, and improve. Adding it Up from NRC provides more detailed look at a pragmatic and centrist view that has a vision for deep change of the status quo.

Disarmament is a goal for peace seekers, but some of your friends (and enemies) will prefer the excitement and foxhole camaraderie of the math wars. The challenge is to keep your focus on building broad support away from the extremes. Let the warriors battle on the margins. A broad spectrum of mathematicians and mathematics educators and teachers can work together to make schools better despite disagreements.

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Design and development

Developed by Phil Daro, a self declared �aggressive pacifist� in the math wars, with the help of parents, public engagement specialists and mathematicians, mathematics educators, and teachers of good will from all sides in the math wars.

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