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Tool Talking Mathematics: Resources for Developing Professionals


Talking Mathematics: Resources for Developing Professionals includes a leader's guide and videotapes that helps leaders plan and lead workshops that focus on developing mathematical discourse. The leader's guide suggests ways to organize a series of seminars to engage teachers in 'doing' mathematics; reading articles, reflecting on their practice; and reflecting on children's talk through videotaped images of classrooms. The resources also include high-quality tasks that can be used to push teacher's mathematical knowledge and engage them in rich discussions about the mathematics.

The leader's guide includes a suggested sequence of activities that can be organized around mathematical themes and processes. The workshop series can be conducted in intensive two-week or three-week sessions or spread out over a school year. The guide includes management and organization considerations; a focus on developing mathematical understanding, images of students and teachers engaged in mathematical talk, engaging problems, and transcripts of selected segments.

Authors: Rebecca Corwin with SabraPrice, and Judith Storeygard

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