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Tool Freudenthal Computer Applets


The Freudenthal Institute conducts research into aspects of math education and how mathematics is taught. Its aims are to understand and improve the teaching of arithmetic and mathematics at all levels, but particularly in kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational education. The Freudenthal Institute is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and has close ties with the Center for Science and Math Education, which is also part of Utrecht University.

Of particular value is their interesting and extensive resource of applets for primary and secondary education (�kidscount, wisweb�). They may be used by the teacher, using an interactive whiteboard, or by students working individually at a computer.

Download the extended document for examples of two applets. The first of the two applets challenges learners to explore connections between 3-dimensional models and their plans and elevations. The second allows learners to construct function machines and observe the tables and graphs that they generate.

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