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The NRICH Project started in 1996 and is based in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. The main website publishes free mathematics enrichment resources for pupils of all ages, including discussion forums and a mathematics thesaurus.
The site is republished every month with new content. The problems are carefully chosen and prepared by the editorial team and supporting articles, games and other resources are produced to support and complement the problems.

The community section of the site contains discussion boards where pupils, teachers and interested adults can ask mathematical questions and discuss mathematical issues that are of interest to them. In addition the site contains a mathematical thesaurus which is being continuously developed.


This site is invaluable to any teacher that wants to provide a more interesting and varied diet of mathematical problems for students. Many of these are interactive, making full use of computer applets to animate problems. The site may also be used to encourage students to discuss mathematics, online.

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University of Cambridge Faculty of Education