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Tool Numeracy Through Problem Solving


Numeracy through Problem Solving (NTPS) was developed to meet a concern that many students see school mathematics as irrelevant to their present or future lives - except as "something we have to take". NTPS provides curriculum and assessment components:

Five modules on practical problems:
  • Be a Shrewd Chooser - on making better consumer decisions
  • Plan a Trip - for the whole class out of school
  • Produce a Game Show - design and put on a TV quiz
  • Design a Board Game - for the class to play
  • Be a Paper Engineer - designing pop-up cards and boxes

Each module provides learning and teaching materials, with embedded and external assessment.
  • Students work in small groups over three weeks per module. Each module has real outcomes, with the class evaluating other groups' products.
  • Individual embedded assessment tasks test each student's understanding of the ongoing work. External examinations assess their ability to transfer what they have learned to more or less similar problem contexts.
  • Students see the work as relevant to their current and future lives. Most are motivated to take more responsibility for the quality of their own and their group's work.
  • Teachers learn to handle classroom discussion of mathematics in a non-directive way.

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The Shell Centre for Mathematical Education


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