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Tool Annenberg Media


Annenberg Media is part of The Annenberg Foundation uses educational media and web-based communications to provide professional development for K-12 teachers. Annenberg Media aims to improve teaching and learning within classrooms through use of videos that exemplify excellent teaching. Some of the media is designed for use with students in classrooms or at home.

The mathematics videos cover a broad range of content from elementary to college level classrooms, including a Learning Math series that examines main ideas developing understanding of measurement, number and operations, patterns, functions, and algebra, data analysis and statistics, and geometry for teachers of grades K-8.


As a registered user, you can stream the �Videos on Demand� free of charge. You'll need broadband or high-speed Internet service and you may need to install a Windows Media Player with appropriate plug-ins. The videos are also available for purchase on videocassette and DVD through 1-800-LEARNER and online ordering at

Professional Development for K-12 Educators on the Annenberg Channel is FREE. Workshops and courses may be taken for graduate credit.


The Annenberg Foundation