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Organization Connected Mathematics Project


The authors of Connected Mathematics were funded (1991-1997) by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a mathematics curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8. The CMP materials were developed at Michigan State University in the Department of Mathematics.

Pilot editions were used by approximately 160 teachers and 45,000 students in grades six, seven, and eight in diverse sites across the country. The curriculum was developed through an extensive process in which a unit was written, tried in classrooms, and then refined based on feedback from teachers, students, and site coordinators. The new iteration was taught in classrooms and refined. This process continued for at least three years with each unit.

Six Professional Development Centers served as field development sites for the curriculum materials:
* Central Michigan University (directed by Charles Vonder Embse and Linda Wagner)
* Michigan State University (directed by Perry Lanier)
* New York University (directed by Frances Curcio)
* Pittsburgh School District (directed by Diane Briars)
* Portland State University (directed by J. Michael Shaughnessy)
* San Diego State University (directed by Nicholas Branca)

These centers represent a broad range of geographic regions, socioeconomic groups, and ethnic backgrounds. This is consistent with the project's intention to provide a rich mathematics curriculum for all students.