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Diagnostic teaching is an approach that works through helping students to learn to detect, understand and correct misconceptions in their own and their fellow students work. Many students who appear to understand a topic at the end of the teaching unit do not retain that understanding even for a few months. �They knew this when I taught it to them last term, but in a few months they forget everything,� is common experience for teachers.
Better long-term learning depends on developing a robust understanding with many connections to other topics and applications. Diagnostic teaching helps students achieve this; the following support this work:
Strategy Learning from mistakes and misconceptions: supporting teachers describes a strategy for helping teachers acquire the skills needed for effective diagnostic teaching.
Strategy Learning from mistakes and misconceptions: gaining the skills describes a strategy for teachers working on their own.
Tool Learning from mistakes and misconceptions: classroom materials provides the resources that teachers use in the classroom; they address five topics areas that many students find difficult: Decimals and Fractions , Number Operations , Functions and Graphs, Algebra and Geometry
Tool Learning from mistakes and misconceptions: PD materials provides the additional resources for a sequence of professional development sessions.


To support those who wish to tackle students lack of long-term learning though a diagnostic teaching approach.

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