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Strategy Standards-based improvement


All strategies for standards-based improvement share a number of key elements. They are set out here, with links to various more specific strategic approaches that are built on these principles: Strategy Building system capacity; Strategy Curriculum-led improvement; Strategy Assessment-led improvement; and Strategy Give professional development more impact. The main essential elements are:
  • Informed mathematics leadership supported by the Superintendent's office. Active support from the superintendent and the school board is essential before implementation � acquiescence is not enough to sustain the necessary long-term effort � along with Strategy building system capacity for reform.
  • Standards-based curriculum materials that support teachers and students in the classroom in reaching the broader range of targets of mathematical understanding and performance of Tool standards-based mathematics curricula.
  • Continuing professional development support for teachers, covering both mathematics and pedagogy. This helps them to handle the additional demands of an improved curriculum.
  • Assessment that is aligned with the goals of the curriculum. Students, teachers and parents need feedback on performance that covers the broader goals of the new curriculum. This needs to include both summative Tool standards-based assessment tests and formative Strategy assessment for learning, some of which is provided in the curricula.
  • Communication with the Community. This needs early attention to ensure that parents, and the community at large, understand how the new curriculum will address their hopes and fears, and the reasons for going beyond "what we learned at school".

These elements, within a coherent framework of where you Strategy plan long and short term, lead to continuing improvement of the mathematics education and performance outcomes of students. As with any change initiative, managing setbacks effectively is important � methods are suggested.

The "download extended report" gives a full description of this strategy including planning essentials, budget issues, implementation pitfalls, and evaluative evidence.

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