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Tool Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Seminars


Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) is a series of professional development seminars designed to help teachers think through the big ideas of K-7 mathematics. The collection includes three casebooks accompanied by facilitator guides and videos. The materials include cases from classrooms that illustrate students' thinking as described by their teachers. Iin seminars, teachers explore mathematics, examine student work, analyze interviews of students, read and discuss relevant research, and engage in writing cases of episodes from their own classrooms.

Titles in the DMI Series
  • Number and Operations, Part 1: Building a Systems of Tens
  • Number and Operations, Part 2: Making Meaning for Operations
  • Geometry: Examining Features of Shape
  • Geometry: Measuring Space in One, Two, and Three Dimensions
  • Statistics: Working with Data

Authors: Deborah Schifter, Susan Jo Russell, Virginia Bastable

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