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Tool Standards-based mathematics curricula


The National Science Foundation funded a set of curriculum materials development projects. Each produced a comprehensive set of materials for a range of grades, aligned with Tool Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. These have all been published commercially. They are:
Implementation Support Centers
The National Science Foundation also funded four implementation support centers to support districts implementing NSF mathematics curriculum programs. The centers offer a variety of services from curriculum selection, to alignment, to implementation strategies and plans. These centers are:


These tools were developed to enable teachers to implement in their classrooms a curriculum that is aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PSSM)

Preparation and help

Strategy Standards-based improvement and Strategy curriculum-led improvement set out the principles underlying effective implementation of these programs.

Evaluative evidence

Each of these curricula lists the sources of evaluation evidence, often substantial, collected in the course of the development process and linked research studies.

Tool Evidence on curriculum effectiveness summarizes the current picture, which shows that students using these curricula, when compared with matched students using traditional curricula, perform at least comparably well on traditional tests and much better on tests that assess the broader range of performance goals of these curricula � goals that the Standards require.

Complementary tools

Tool Standards-based assessment is an important complement to these curricula, ensuring that the achievements of the students are fuilly recognized. Balanced Assessment in Mathematics was funded by NSF to develop Tool tests, Tool classroom assessment materials, and Tool professional development support aligned with Tool PSSM and these curricula.

Strategic applications