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Strategy Plan long and short term


This strategy focuses on tackling the fundamental mismatch between the timescales of politics (2�4 years) and of educational improvement (10�20 years). It suggests that these can only be reconciled through a sustained long-term plan that also embraces visible and worthwhile year-by-year goals. It looks at key factors in such planning:
  • appointing good people, and supporting them so they stay
  • devising and, after wide consultation, adopting a specific-but-flexible 10�15 year plan, with budgets for each stage
  • building into this long-term plan, specific year-by-year targets that can be used in political campaigns, for accountability, and for feedback to all the key groups in the system

Download the extended report for additional information including benefits and implementation pitfalls for using this strategy. This approach should inform other strategies, including those linked here.

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