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Strategy Curriculum-led improvement


This strategy takes the most direct route to improving student learning by focusing on improving the quality, pattern and structure of day-by-day learning activities in the classroom. It embodies the principles set out for all Strategy standards-based improvement � these should be read in conjunction with this paper. The core move is to adopt and implement a broader, more-balanced curriculum in line with the best of national and international standards. Tool Standards-based mathematics curricula describes such tools.

Commitment by the system, careful preparation, and substantial support for teachers are all needed to make this approach work well. The main elements of this model implementation sequence are:
  • building capacity through professional development
  • making the case
  • selecting a curriculum for adoption
  • preparing for implementation
  • carrying out year-by-year implementation
  • sustaining the effort

backed up with:
  • continuing professional development support for teachers;
  • assessment that is aligned with the goals of the curriculum;
  • communication with the community.

As with any change initiative, managing setbacks effectively is important � methods are suggested. This approach, within a coherent framework of Strategy long and short term planning, leads to continuing improvement of the mathematics education and achievement outcomes of students.

The "download extended report" includes a full description of this strategy along with planning essentials, budget issues, benefits, implementation pitfalls and evaluative evidence.

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